Online Brokerage

Online Brokerage

Online trading has revolutionized the finance sphere. No more elitism and privilege reserved for only a selected few, the world of finance is now open to all. Economic democratization emerges. However, a right has no validity unless combined with skills in the area that we wish to conquer. It is from this observation that online trading platforms such as Stock Binary were developed. Live, functional and accessible. They offer easy access to trading and freedom of action. The autonomy of traders in power is made possible through judicious and relevant learning resources and advice. What are they?

Trader needs : information and news

Defineing one's investment objective in terms of budget and strategies is the first step of learning to trade. The trader will learn to assess the risks he is willing to take without risking adverse consequences for the budget it has previously chose. The power of decision which belongs to him gives the trader an important responsibility. Thanks to the online brokerage and the education provided, the trader can decide what is good for him and intelligently can directly decide taking actions to improve his portfolio..

Online brokers have developed educational tools

Developing one's knowledge or starting to trade is now accessible through online brokerage. The completely free "demo accounts" place the apprentice trader in the game and allow him to quickly acquire a knowledge which is not virtual. The trader, risking no capital, quickly gains a self-control allowing him to access as soon as he feels ready to actual market and "playing the big leagues"

Targeted training on technical analysis sur and the logic of trading

Online trading is rich with numerous technical analysis training provided to simply prospective traders. They specify the trends profiling from the initial data and calculated projections. They teach the mastery of indicators and anticipation of trends. Tailored to different skill levels, these courses are valuable tools for sustaining the autonomy and insight of traders in their decisions.

Sound and decrypted information

Online trading today allows the trader to be independent and not to depend on the goodwill of so-called "specialized" intermediaries. Through shared financial information, relevant analyzes and decryption of the economic environment filtered by analysts and put online, the trader is invested with knowledge required for a optimal trading. He overcomes all and thus becomes master of his trades.

Some Facts about online brokerage

More than 93% of the stock exchange trades go through the internet.


84% online brokers have the highest enrollment.


66% new traders are not experts but are thoughtful and curious.


79% online brokers give more importance to the tools and training.




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