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F.A.Q Term deposit account

Definiton of a term deposit account ?

A term deposit is the investment of a fixed capital on a fixed duration and on a dedicated account.
The capital has an interest rate proportional to the amount and to the term invested. This kind of investment allows a secured saving added to other investments.
This is an usual practicing in the financial world. The profitability of this type of investment ranks him among the most advantageous and performante of markets.

Is here a minimal capital threshold and duration for the kind of investment ?

A term deposit contract doesn’t have any limitation regarding to the amount invested or duration. A simple rules exist anyway: biggest is the amount invested and duration, biggest is the interest rate at the term of the contract.

Is the Capital invested frozn during the Investment ?

Indeed, on any term deposit account the invested amount stays in his integrality on the account until the end of the duration specified in the contract. The information of the account, dissociated of the activetrading account, can be seen at any moment only with the login given at the opening of the account.

What happens to the capital at the end of the contract ?

When your contract of term deposit account comes to its end you have three options: :

  • Extend the duration of the investment for an equivalent or superior duration with freezing the gained interests.
  • Extend the duration of the investment for an equivalent or superior duration with transfer of the intersts towards your trading or current account.
  • Close your deposit account and transfer all the amount on your trading account..


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