The two major segments of themarket analysis

The fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. Both these financial apprehension methods are generally considered incompatible due to the fact they are based on different data and tools. In fact, they are chosen according to the preference and style of the trader. Nothing prevents anyone from combining them both to create an effective complementarity

Definition of the fundamental analysis

The fundamental analysis puts the company studied or the sector targeted in the heart of a complex flow of economic information to determine their value and prospects. The challenge is to obtain an absolute value of a financial asset, its intrinsic value. The number of selected criteria depends on the depth of the analysis. Thus, beyond the balance sheets, are the commercial and expanding prospects, innovation and competition that will be taken into consideration. Similarly, elements of the country's economic or social politics, layoffs plans and internal scandals will also affect the value in a positive or negative way. Training courses are also provided to acquire the necessary skills in fundamental analysis. XFR financial broker does not provide those directly and you are advised to further investigate with relevant internet sites or forums if you are interested in this field.

Technical analysis and the XFR financial broker training

Technical analysis takes into consideration pure market data. All information comes from observations and statistical calculations on the evolution of prices, their cycles and their volumes. Past data is used to project into the future. In fact, the overall principle is similar to creating a curve through mathematical models or areas that will give an estimation of price movement or another evaluation area. These graphical parameters allow the trader to identify trends, perceive differences and anticipate changes in future trends. The XFR financial Broker has selected 35 of the most recognized technical analysis indicators on the market. The broker presents and teaches those methods in progressive steps through training tailored to trading for the beginner or inexperienced trader public. and their volumes

Practical and scalable training by XFR financial

On financial XFR, we believe that having a choice means freedom and control. Therefore, we give you the access to no less than 35 trainings among the most recognized and most effective that you can currently find in stock markets.

FThe end of elitism, today the stock is democratized. The Knowledge, that was preserved by a few professionals before is now available to everyone. With the XFR financial training, even beginners can acquire professional analysis skills quickly.

Binary options is above all a based on reactivity. Being able to observe, analyze and make a decision quickly is the key. All XFR financial formations are developed to provide traders a handy, practical, immediate and intuitive tool to use the platform.



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