Binary Options

A new tool for traders : Binary Options

XFR financial offers an innovative and effective way for individuals to trader successfully.

Binary options according to XFR financial

Binary options trading may produce a return on investment of 80% and more. And how? Just by speculating on the rise or fall of a financial asset over a pre-chosen period. This type of trading is accessible to all due to the minimum investment thresholds and a simplified stock exchange mechanism.

Flexibility : trade when you want to with XFR financial

XFR financial, adds to this, additional advantages : easy access from anywhere via internet or smartphones 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, a wide variety of financial assets, training of technical and fundamental analysis. Everything is set up for bringing you to success.

Simplicity : XFR financial opts for adaptability

Whether you are a novice trader or an accomplished one, XFR financial is made for you! In addition, through our specialized training and courses, you have all the tools required for increasing your chances of winning and thus recoup your investment. With XFR financial you will now associate the verb to trade with the verb to win.

Variety of choice :

The XFR financial broker provides a wide range of assets
XFR financial offers a wide range of Financial assets: :

Shares Currencies Indices Commodities
  Apple   EUR/USD   CAC40   Gold
  Google   AUD/CAD   Nasdaq   Platinium
  Microsoft   AUD/JPY   FTSE   Natural Gas
  Deutsche Bank   AUD/USD   Euro   Silver
  Louis Vuitton   AUD/CHF   DAX   Crud Oil
  Baïdu   EUR/JPY   DOW   RBOB Gasoline
  3M Company   EUR/GBP   Canadian Dollar   Cacao
  Boeing   USD/CAD   S&P   Copper
  BMW   EUR/AUD   Australian Dollar   Soy Bean
  JP Morgan   GBP/JPY   British Pound   Cotton

Moreover, you choose the duration of your trades as you see fit and you have the right to close at any time if you fear a disappointmen.

We differentiate three types of binary options modes :

The High/LowMode

The first mode is most common among brokers and probably the most appreciated among binary options traders. It is the mode currently used by the XFR financial broker. As its name suggests, its principle is based upon the estimation upwards (high) or downwards (low) values of financial assets between the beginning and the end of the option.

The One Touch Mode

This mode adds a second variant also quite appreciated by the binary options traders. This time the trade is in a fixed value position to higher or lower than the current value of the financial asset. For example, consider a current price of Brent crude oil prices to be 107.16 USD, and a value referred to 107.20. If the asset reaches this value, the trade is won if it does not reach the trade is lost.

Boundary orZone mode

The third and final mode does not set a specific value, in which the option contract is played, but rather a zone between two values with boundaries. In the above mentioned example, the zone could be chosen between 107.10 and 107.20. In case the option value is closed "in zone" the contract is awarded and if it ends "out of zone", the contract is lost.



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