Terms & Conditions

Legal Informations

1. To prevent money laundering , customers are asked to provide personal information when registering.

2. The customer agrees not to lie about his identity, i.e. a customer must provide accurate information and that no undertake the identity of another person. If there is any change in the information XFR Financial will be notified immediately. This should not exceed 30 days.

3. The customer can transact on the site only if he has provided his photo ID and other documents required by XFR Financial. The customer's account will be frozen (indefinitely ) or permanently closed by XFR Financial if the information is not provided in time. In addition, XFR Financial may also refuse to open an account regardless of the reason

4. If a person registers to XFR Financial on behalf of any corporation or other business entity client, it is the name of the person that shall be selected at registration . The person will be authorized to represent this company or client business entity.

5. XFR Financial obligates not to disclose any information about its customers and old customers . Except in the case of a written approval of the customer or in the case of an identity check or the need to provide such information under law. Only employees of XFR Financial assosiated to customer accounts will have access to this information. The latter shall be in accordance with the law, stored on electronic and physical media.

6. The customer gives his approval that the information about the account and transactions is recorded on XFR Financial by XFR Financial . In the event of a dispute between the client and XFR Financial recent may be used.

7. XFR Financial may also examine the customer information. That , for any reason. By its current signature, the customer agrees that XFR Financial concerning the examination of the information in question does not assume any responsibility.

8. XFR Financial is committed to protecting confidential customer data . XFR Financial can also update the data periodically.

9. When the customer makes an entry on XFR Financial , he must choose a user name and a password that will be used at each connection to be able to benefit from the services of the site and make transactions on it. In the same Privacy plan to protect customer data and transactions on XFR Financial , the customer is not allowed to share how to register with other persons or business. In this case XFR Financial will not be liable for any damages or losses caused by the customer in the event of improper use (including prohibited and unprotected ) user name and password. Especially in the case of use by a third person, whether or not authorized by the client.

10. The customer assumes full responsibility for each time he connects to the site with his user name and password. XFR Financial cannot be held responsible for any use made of it . More so XFR Financial cannot guarantee that the Customer is the one currently operating on its behalf.

11. When a customer suspects unauthorized use of his account, he shall immediately notify the XFR Financial Customer service.

12. Our policy regarding cookies: when the customer visits a page on the XFR Financial site, pages that are marked by a cookie can be downloaded to the client's device. These cookies, once stored to determine the path of the client on the XFR Financial site, can be used to identify anonymous users who visit repeatedly and most visited pages. However, XFR Financial is committed to protecting the privacy of the customer by not storing the name, e -mail, personal information and so on. XFR Financial reminds you that cookies are currently used by many sites. These cookies provide a more ergonomic use on our website and allow us to know what are the most popular pages , whether by customers or business information.   Definition: A cookie is a small file stored on the hard drive of the client's computer at the request of the web server manager of the visited site. It contains information on the navigation performed on pages. The idea is to optimize the future use of the site by the same client. A user can choose the configuration of his browser by changing settings or preferences. To protect your privacy, your browser only permits a website to access the cookies if it was already sent to you, not those sent by other sites.

13. Deposit: The money deposits on the site can be done by different means, including, as an indication, by bank transfer and credit card.

Withdrawals : At least one deposit must have been made to be able to have a withdrawal. Any request for funds withdrawal will be done with the documents and information requested and must fulfill the following conditions:

The "one trade shot" positions are not subject to the withdrawal conditions.

Note that the methodology of the "Stop Loss", which provides an additional level of security to traders, is not considered as an active day of Trade.

The treatment of the withdrawal request is made in a period of 1 to 2 business days. If the conditions are fulfilled and the application is approved, the amount will be paid within 2 to 3 days.
XFR financial authorizes withdrawals to a maximum amount of 100 000 USD or Euro per month. If a trader wishes to withdraw his winnings and the amount exceeds 100 000 USD or Euro, he will have to realize the operation over several months.

14. Bonus: XFR Financial offers a discretionary bonus to new customers as well as repeating customers. You are never obligated to accept this bonus. The offers on the website are not cumulative and cannot exceed 100% of your investment

Any attempt at fraud, manipulation, arbitration charge-back or other fraudulent or deceptive activities, carried out with the bonus will result in the cancellation of bonuses and any profit or gain earned.


Calculation of expiration


The following terms are used by XFR Financial to calculate expiration rates for :

The Offer Price - The last price (course) known before the expiration date, assessed by the Data Provider (Supplier Data). The Asking Price - The last known price (course) before the expiration date, assessed by the Data Provider (Supplier Data)

The Last Trade - The last known price (course) actually paid for the asset before the expiry date, assessed by the Data Provider (Supplier Data).

The Last Call Price Index - The last price for index before the expiration date, assessed by the Data Provider (Supplier Data).

In the event that no data on the share price has been received within 60 seconds before the expiration date, the information is taken from the first quotation received after the expiration date.

Terms of Use of the XFR Financial trading tools:

XFR Financial provides client with some trading tools so that he can benefit from additional earnings and increase his chances of success. As a Market Maker , when using multiplier x2 , x4, x6 and "Dash Board" XFR Financial reserves the right to make a "spread" , that is to say, change the entry rate on the market by issue of equity



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